Installation | Computer Assembly

Making a Personal Computer System Is Truley One Of Our Greatest JOY

We assemble and configure computer systems according to our clients specific needs. With our experienced technicians and our clients best interest in mind, we analyze the needs and provide integrated solutions. We make technology user-friendly and provide solutions right from consultation to assessment to installation. Backed by our 6 months service warranty, we don't just build them and forget it, but we conduct period checks to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Each component is installed and checked to ensure that you get the full value of your money.

The Assembly Process Includes:

Discuss with client their specific needs
Suggest possible solutions

Assess budgetary restraints
Finalize system components and peripherals

Installation and Setup
Processor and Heat Sink (insert to motherboard)
Memory (insert to motherboard)
Motherboard Configuration (insert in case)
Case Configuration (Power and Reset Button Setup, Power and HDD LED Setup, Front USB and Audio setup to Motherboard)
Hard Drives and DVD Drives (inset in case and setup to mainboard)
Graphics Card (for non-integrated motherboards)
Card Reader
Power Distribution
LCD Monitor Test and Setup
BIOS setup
Operating System Installation
Office Suite
Anti-Virus Software
Other Software

Cost JMD $12,000